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Wandering through inland Portugal - glamping, treehouses and so much more

For a while, incentive travel has to adapt to new concepts that continue to surprise the clients at the same time that safety and social distancing are assured.

But it is okay. It makes us, planners and clients, come out of the box and look to different solutions. And you know what? A destination is so much more than what a postcard shows or a travel guide highlights.

In Portugal, from North to South, from the mainland to the Islands of Madeira and Azores, there are so many out of the beat places to be discovered. Dare to go to the country side, away from the busy Lisbon and Porto and explore what more precious we have to offer you: our authenticity.

If there was ever a time to get back to nature, this is it. Nature makes us pause, makes us feel free, makes us wonder what really matters. Actually, Nature gives us time! Time to enjoy every single moment, to value the little pleasures, to listen to others, to be with others.

Isn’t all these what an incentive programme should be? Inclusive, memorable, fun, meaningful…. 

Leaving the coast behind, there is a full set of options for a fantastic incentive programme: out of the ordinary sustainable accommodation, activities topped up with adrenaline, creative experiences.

Overnight in a treehouse, in a GLAMorous camPING or in a schist country house.

You decide which is best for your tribe!

During the day take them for a hot air balloon ride over the plains, a canyoning adventure, a rafting experience, a traditional Portuguese cuisine workshop, deer and wild boar watching, bike tour, wine master class, cheese and bread workshops, yoga, stargazing.

And in the evening, just get your tribe together for an interactive wine tasting where the wines have human skills that make the difference at the time of the blending. Or, simply sit back and enjoy a nice talk with a fado singer while he sings just for you.

Let us guide you through this discovery journey to another Portugal.


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